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Oath Bitcoin Fund

The Oath Bitcoin Fund invests directly in BTC. Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralized digital currency that can be sent from peer-to-peer on the bitcoin blockchain without the need for intermediaries.

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$50,000 minimum investment

Fund Overview

Investment strategy

The Oath Bitcoin Fund provides investors with direct exposure to Bitcoin through a convenient, tax-advantaged fund structure. The Bitcoin Fund includes automated tax-loss harvesting and highly secure custody.

Institutional-grade Asset security

Oath has partnered with Anchorage Digital to provide clients with the highest-level of digital asset security. Anchorage Digital is a federally regulated qualified custodian that uses a biometric-based security system with multiple layers of redundancy to ensure client funds are secure.

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Anchorage Digital

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Oath Digital is the ideal digital asset platform for our clients. The platform is easy to use, flexible, and seamlessly fits into our existing workflows. Their timely insights through OathIQ keep our advisors up-to-date on whats going on with digital assets, and allows us to now advise and custody digital assets for our clients.

Mark Johnson


Investment Tenants

Risk Management

Risk Management is at the core of Oath Digital's investment strategy. Given the highly volatile nature of digital asset investments, we believe in taking a risk-based approach to creating investment portfolios. Our focus is on the largest, most resilient digital assets that have a proven track-record across cycles.

Long-Term Time Horizon

In digital asset investing, a long-term time horizon is a source of edge that enables investors to take advantage of exponential growth potential, while mitigating the impact of short-term price volatility. We encourage our investors to take a long-term view, beginning with a clear understanding of how blockchain technology has the potential to change the way we exchange value in our growing digital world.


Maintaining best-in-class security over our digital asset holdings is a top priority for Oath. We've partnered with federally regulated, qualified custodians to ensure institutional-grade security and provide the highest level of service to our clients.